Dec. 4, 2022

My day started with a hike with Kodak and then church, the pastor went on and on about donkeys in the Bible, I’m not sure where he went with it, but I thought of my mom on what would have been her 77th birthday. I know she found peace in the end with her pastor.

Then two murder scenes and a fatal accident later I did my longest trail run in at least 6 months… I passed these mushrooms on the way out and stopped on the return trip for a picture.

Nov. 25, 2022


Since REI started closing on Black Friday and encouraging customers to go outside, I have tried to do it (like I need a reason) and motivation today really helped. It started with rain and I couldn’t talk myself into a long hike in the rain, so I started to prep for indoor climbing when the sun came out. I know Uwharrie doesn’t get sloppy (or have erosion issues after light rains) so that is where I went. This is also the trail where I originally broke the Salsa Dos Niner 12 years ago, so it was nice to ride it there again

I had planned a longer ride but my elastomers in my Thud Buster completely disintegrated, I haven’t used the seat post in years, so not surprised. The failure gave me time to catch the second half of the UNC v NC State game