Oct. 23, 2017

(Photo by Jay Capers)

If you have an errand to run, you better bring the dog!


Oct. 21, 2017


Today was supposed to be my first cross race of the year, but I am under the weather, so I stayed home and did chores. I started with a oil change on Deb’s car, as I drove it to warm it up, the brakes were squealing, so next up brakes, then I waxed half her car, mowed the grass, replaced a door handle on the Land Cruiser and worked on the bikes. It’s less work to race bikes!

Oct. 16, 2017


Since Deb and Sam weren’t with me last weekend, I wanted to share Valle Crucis and the original Mast General Store.

Hike #43 Crab Orchard Falls

(Photo by Jay Capers)

The color from last week was gone. Not a great weekend for finding Fall colors, but 2 more nights sleeping in the Flippac, 3 hikes, a bike ride and time with the family and no TV, still a great weekend!


Oct. 15, 2017


A sign along a morning bike ride on gravel and dirt roads.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Then off to find a waterfall I looked for before, but didn’t get to.

Thunderhole Falls – Hike #42

(Photo by Jay Capers)

The trail to the falls is unmarked and requires a little bush whacking.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

But worth the effort.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

This is only the top, it has a lower fall section too.

(Photo by Jay Capers)

Remember the bushwhacking part? This is the climb up, I don’t know if we could have made it without the rope!


after the hike we went driving looking for color and dirt roads. Old NC 105 follows a ridge and includes this overlook of Linville Gorge at Wiseman’s View.