Aug. 5, 2020


My third mountain bike race of the year and I finally got back on the podium, and it was Kali’s first medal. I had a good start and was 3rd in a 6 rider lead group that was nose to tail most of the first lap, we split into 4 leaders and trailers for the second lap and the pace was fast. I was in 4th waiting to catch a second wind when third really started to fall off the pace, but I couldn’t get around him and then we got caught behind an earlier wave back markers as I watched first and second ride away. I passed for 3rd starting the 3rd lap and chased unsuccessfully.  It felt good to ride hard again!

Aug. 2, 2020


New campsite.


I started early and had Silver Run Falls to myself.  It’s a great swimming hole!


One of my goals for the weekend was to ride some new single track. I talked to several mountain bikers I met and one asked me, “you know about Stump House Tunnel right?” ummm no, well it has history (old railroad tunnel that was never finished), a waterfall and miles of single track to ride – sounds like a dream!

The waterfall – Issaqueena Falls – was a little disappointing, but there are several more to find/explore on my next trip.


Stumphouse Tunnel and it’s history is cool.


The ride was totally worth the trip! As I was studying the map, a young kid rolls up and asks if it’s my first time, yes, well ride with me. Connor, a Clemson University student showed me the best lap and we had a blast, he could drop me on every downhill and I could catch back up on every climb.

July 30, 2020


Lynn and I debated what to hike today, long hike or drive to waterfalls, or shorter hikes… I finally decided. To the top of Table Rock, the guide said it was strenuous and plan for 5 hours as it gains 2000 feet from the start.


After last night’s thunderstorms all the creeks were flowing nicely.


As we climbed, it started getting foggy.


But when we reached Governor’s Rock it had cleared up. I heard voices below us while we rested and Lynn was reminded I have a competitive side, we had gotten an early start and I wanted to be the first to summit today.


Back on the trail and back into the fog.


The overlook on Table Rock


I love fog, but not after hiking for 2.5 hours for an overlook. After a quick lunch, we started back down (it’s an out and back)


I bushwhacked down to the creek to see this water feature.


Pumpkintown is on teh far left, I still haven’t seen Table Rock (it’s behind the clouds)  ; )


July 29, 2020


Table Rock State Park in South Carolina. Once I arrived, Lynn and I decided to do the short Carrick Creek Trail which starts with Carrick Creek Falls.


You can even crawl behind the falls.


About a mile into the hike it started pouring, neither Lynn or I brought protection for the iPhones so we went back to parking lot, got plastic bags and since we were already soaked, we started again.


it is a very pretty hike, even in a rain storm.


It stopped raining long enough to take a couple of pictures.