May 26, 2022

Not the way to end a day. I stopped at my mailbox when I got home and Rojo died when I tried to drive again. Starts and idles fine, but as soon as you go into reverse or drive it stalls. Had to back Pongo down to pull her up to the house with the help of my neighbor.

May 17, 2022

Deer eat grass in the water in front of our campsite

The grand kids like the Flippac

As my mom prepares, she asked her vet for a box they use for pets, so she can use it after she is cremated. Funny story, while at the funeral home, she kept saying, she wants to be cremated in a cardboard box, the elderly woman helping her kept cringing while correcting my mom, calling it an alternative cremation vessel (or something like that)

My brother took the boat across Lake Murray to join us for dinner so a sunset cruise was called for.