Month: June 2006

June 22, 2006

What is this? Day 4? 45 minutes in Home Depot to figure out heating duct and I get home to realize the kitchen “EXPERT” has designed the layout that the drawers won’t open. 30 min call and I will be at Lowes at 6am. Update, on Friday night I shorted something in the wiring and lost 1/5 of the house outlets. Waiting for time to rerun wire. I wonder why people pay experts for this ; )

June 21, 2006

End of the day… Kevin talks to his wife as we finished work for the day. I started at 7am and quit at 10pm. new sub-floor is installed (air powered staplers are very cool!) on half the kitchen, walls and floor primed and Plan C, all new cabinets for the bottom, are in place. They are not screwed in place as I figure out how to run my heat duct (important up here) and spacing for drawers and opening for plumbing. Good news is only 1 and a half hours in Lowes today. Steph was a huge help today. Sanded all the walls where the cabinets will go and striped1/4 of the floor while I mowed the lawn. Thanks again to Kevin and Steph.

June 20, 2006

Kitchen Day 2 – PIA is an understatement… 3 more hours at Lowes/Home Depot, and Plan A and B are shot. My cabinets are the wrong size for the normal of today, so custom or new. This is where my kitchen is tonight, no sink, no dishes, no food. Back to Lowes in the morning after I tear up old flooring (carpet, linoleum, tar paper, sub floor)

June 19, 2006

Ready… Set…. Go. Kitchen renovation starts today. Spent 3 hours in Lowes today, figured out the cheapest way to update the kitchen. New cabinets for new sink, new floor and stove, paint old cabinets, walls and ceiling. Going back on Tuesday to spend money. OK not much of a POD but it will be a PIA.