Feb. 28, 2007

My early morning POD, we had about 5 inches in the last 48 hours.
Try 2 at the pinhole camera. This is a pinhole “lens” attached to my digital SLR, getting closer…


  1. LOL, Pinhole cameras…Infinte depth of field…Clean the <>dust<> off your lens…The quality is GREAT!!! Did you use tin-foil over a filter ring?I owe you another call, kid’s xmas gifts should go out soon (I know, it’s March…)

  2. No No Todd, it is dust on the CCD. I drilled a 1/4 inch hole in a lens cap and used the foil from 120 film with a pinhole taped on the lens cap. I figure somewhere around f125…

  3. DAMN, I thought my CCD was dirty…;}What’s 120 Film??Easy way to figure out “f” is if you can get the pinhole to aprox 1 mm. Then the “f” is the same as your focal length (if you’re putting the pinhole on the front of a lens) or the distance to the CCD plane (if you use a body cap)…I haven’t though about pinholes in a long time. Gonna have to play with that when I have the time (like next year..)

  4. PS your house looks great. I have no idea how big the pinhole is, if it is 1mm, then ~f50… My first “hole” was huge, learned number 10 sewing machine needles and number 10 sewing needles are different.

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