Month: July 2007

July 23, 2007

Blisters. Race Report: The swim was ummm, “busy”, 2300+ swimmers was tight, there were several strokes were I could not lift my arm out of the water for the recovery, and either swam one arm or dragged the arm back in front under water. Still was only a minute off my goal time. Transition 1 was packed, no where to change, so I was slow. The bike was awesome, at least for most of it… 3 hours for the first lap and averaging over 18 mph, then the wind picked up, on the descents where I can usually get over 45mph, I was pedaling to get to 40 mph. I took it real easy on the climbs and entered T2 at 6:30ish on the bike. The run. I hate the run. The first 3 miles were right on target, then mile 4 slowed, blisters were forming and worse I had no more gas! I basically walked the last 22 miles, and jogged the finish line with Steph and Sam. Thanks to my family, friends and training partners for letting do this for the seventh time! I could never do it without y’all!!!