Month: June 2009

June 28, 2009

Jay is less happy. There is more up my back and shoulder.

Short version – 21st out of 107 finishers, 7th in age group.

Longer version – I started up the long climb taht starts the race at my own pace
and “enjoyed” the exactly 30 minutes of up.
After that I started picking folks off, the day before I pre-rode the
course and had a pinch flat, so I added pressure and was
bouncing around from rock to root. The rain had turned the clay
surface into snot, so along I went, slipping and sliding and loving disk brakes. I
had fun… till the
Coming off the mountain, the course veered onto the downhill
course and the grass was wet and slick. I had not pre-ridden this
part, so each turn was new and unexpected. I passed one rider that I
had been chasing forever and wanted to put some time on him…

I ended up locking up my brakes, my rear flipped ends with the front
until I launched higher than I have ever flown, landed on my back. I
have a good bit of road rash, an ankle that is sore and something in
my chest that hurts. Monday morning will be interesting.