Month: August 2011

Aug. 28, 2011

A day of half done…. half unpacked more boxes, half finished re-doing my rear bumper, half built bike rack for the sun-room. But a great ride in the morning with Clay, but you guessed it, at half speed ; )

Aug. 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene.

A 360 degree view of the storm at the farm, what cows do (lay down and face away from the wind) and post hurricane sunset. I remember the sunsets from my days of covering hurricanes at the beach….

Aug. 20, 2011

Ready for another season. Clay came over after our long ride and helped me replace the crankset on my (Ken’s) cyclocross bike. The old one had developed a creak (square tapered BB) after only 15 or so years of use. I bought it well used in 1996 and used it on my tri bike for many years before it was installed on the ‘cross bike.