Month: September 2011

Sept. 24, 2011

A new mount enters the stable. A series of events (not a wreck) forced us to re-consider the herd on the farm. We considered all the choices:

1. New truck for me and give Deb the Taco – too much $$$
2. A 4×4 for Steph and we take the sweet Celica GT-S – too much $$$
3. A classic Vanagon for me and give Deb the Taco – kill me to see Deb destroy the Taco
4. Deb gets to pick a “new” car for herself (we ruled out the Mini and Beetle) – guess what won ; )
5. Fix the RAV4 – deemed a waste of money

In the end Deb picked a certified (extends the warranty) 2008 Honda Fit Sport, we got it for less than KBB and our trade was KBB for fair (which was a good deal for us) and the dealer really wanted to make the deal. They dropped the price and APR twice in 2 hours.

I guess my new Cyclocross bike will wait another year : (