Sept. 23, 2011

You can never tell a cat’s personality till you live with it, this one is the sweetest cat, but can tell when I am doing work and is relentless to sit right where it is. (PS my friend Will was correct, black cats suck for PODs)


  1. Hahahaha, What instructor enjoys grading? and the kittens have the same rights as Maggie did, Home is with us and no previous claims apply…Deb

  2. Whoa! Did anyone ask Spacey if SHE wanted to leave the south??? Did anybody ask Spacey's grandmother about it? Whose “previous claims” is Deb refering to? Should child support be increased?????

  3. Spacey, aka Jenney, aka Bagherra, has no desire to leave her southern oyster bed. Regardless of oldest granddaughter's affection for her, however, praise in the form of cooked chicken is greatly appreciated.

  4. If Spacey knew how many comments she has elicited she really would be impossible. Bookitty could be a watch cat for Steph … a potential intruder would flee in fear of being stepped on.

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