Sept. 24, 2011

A new mount enters the stable. A series of events (not a wreck) forced us to re-consider the herd on the farm. We considered all the choices:

1. New truck for me and give Deb the Taco – too much $$$
2. A 4×4 for Steph and we take the sweet Celica GT-S – too much $$$
3. A classic Vanagon for me and give Deb the Taco – kill me to see Deb destroy the Taco
4. Deb gets to pick a “new” car for herself (we ruled out the Mini and Beetle) – guess what won ; )
5. Fix the RAV4 – deemed a waste of money

In the end Deb picked a certified (extends the warranty) 2008 Honda Fit Sport, we got it for less than KBB and our trade was KBB for fair (which was a good deal for us) and the dealer really wanted to make the deal. They dropped the price and APR twice in 2 hours.

I guess my new Cyclocross bike will wait another year : (


  1. Yes, I am sad that the Barbie Car has come to such an impasse, 5th gear needs to be rebuilt and highway highway driving to Bill's in fourth gear isn't good for an engine…so I think it is time and this is an exciting option! Wish it was orange… 😉

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