Month: October 2011

Oct. 29, 2011

Today started early: At 7am, small group of us walked down to Penn Station to add money to the Metro cards, caught a cross town bus to ride the East River ferry in the rain up to the Brooklyn Bridge (and under a couple other ones on the way, we had planned to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, but the rain was too heavy) We then went out of our way to John’s favorite bagel shop (I brought home a dozen) then shopping on Broadway before back to the hotel in the snow for the bus ride home. It seems like longer than 3 days in NYC!

PS In the pano of the Brooklyn Bridge, you can see the Statue of Liberty on the left.

Oct. 28, 2011

My day starting as a teaching assistant in a workshop on a piece of software I had never opened… but video editing is video editing, so it went fine. In the afternoon I headed to Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street financial district to see the Occupy Wall Street demonstration. Life in the park went on with protesting, cleaning and setting up camp as cold rain and snow is expected tonight. Watch the video for some of my photos and music by the protesters.

Oct. 27, 2011

New York City. So after an overnight bus ride (no real sleep) we cross through the Lincoln Tunnel into Manhattan for PhotoPlus 2011. That night we headed to Chinatown for a vegetarian Dim Sum dinner (for those to know me, know I didn’t get a vote in that, but I only live once) Dim Sum is Chinese dumplings with stuffing, I even even ate my whole meal with chop sticks.

Oct. 22, 2011

Week 4 races are half done. Sam’s first race didn’t go as well as hoped… she caught a boy for 4th place on a downhill U turn and turned too sharply (the corner is the one we are pre-riding above)and washed out her front wheel. She went down hard, hit her stomach on the handlebars, scraped her knee and knock the wind out of her… DNF. At least she gets another chance in the morning. My race was OK, I dropped a chain in the first lap at the sand pit, and spent the rest of the race trying catch Clay (running in sand above), who beat me again… I am not use to losing to friends ; )

PS my POD is the third one down of Sam, the rest are by Deb.