Oct. 15, 2011 Part 1

We decided to head to the mountains for the day and enjoy some fall foliage. Our first stop was Blowing Rock, the nation’s oldest road side attraction. After throwing some leaves over the edge we hit the road. Unfortunately most of the rest of North Carolina was visiting the Boone area too, so we went right and took the first dirt road we could find. For the next 2 hours we had trails, forest service roads and moon shine gravel routes to ourselves. It was great! After a quick jog to Grandfather Mountain (too crowed) we…. continued below.


  1. The funny part was, We were running the Garmin, a netbook with a GPS and a topo paper map, none of them agreed on road names or if the roads went anywhere… We were “lost” and just driving. At one point after having turned around on another gated trail, we wondered how long since someone went down our current overgrown trail… 15 seconds later we came face to face with a family riding horses… I guess not long.

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