Month: November 2011

Nov. 20, 2011

Tony wins the championship and I came in 14th. OK they were different races.
We visited my folks this weekend, so I raced in Charleston, SC today. The field was mixed with Cat 3 & 4 racers, then 15 minutes or so before the start, they announced we were racing as one class, Cat 1, 2, 3 & 4. That also meant we were racing Cat 1 time. The course was set up at Wannamaker Park and was a fast course with half on near putting green like grass and half in the woods on sandy singletrack. The 12-16th places had a fun race among ourselves, I was 12th at the start of the last lap, but lost three places on the hill run up, several us switched places on the lap and I caught 14th before the volleyball court sand trap, I choose to run it and blew by him and started my sprint… but I ran out of time to catch 13th… max heart rate was 189 bpm.