Month: November 2011

Nov. 18, 2011

Today the Tanglewood Park Festival of Lights was open only to cyclists. We rode through 4.5 miles of lights and then hit Krispy Kreme store #2 for refreshments. KK was founded in downtown Winston-Salem, store #1 was torn down and moved to the location of #2, at least according to the employee… Funny story, the GPS when searching for KK, took us to the corporate HQs which doesn’t sell doughnuts : P

Nov. 13, 2011

Cyclocross Race #6 – Charlotte.

Today was a fun technical course, lots of off camber turns, steep hills and a sand pit. My day started as this season has gone, in the back. I rode well until my first solo wreck in a while, I was over taking a rider on a tight off camber turn when I went for the gas, I clipped a pedal, flipping me over the tape and onto my back a good 6 feet or more from the course… I lost several places but raced my way back to the rear of the middle third of the field of almost 60 riders…. It was a fun day!