April 25, 2012

Today was riding in Pisgah NF. I choose one the “classic loops” and headed up Clawhammer Road (closed, old logging road) and across Clawhammer Mountain and Black Mountain and down Black Mountain trail. I had forgotten I rode in the Wilson Creek area of Pisgah in the late 1990s and didn’t care for the trails, in fact, as I recalled, I gave up, looked at the topo map and bush whacked my way down the mountain to a paved road. Turns out I still don’t care to ride these trails…. this loop was recommended by the local bike shop and another group of riders. It is such a classic it is listed on the map I bought. The climb is a hour long up (which I enjoyed) but then you have to hike a bike to the summits of the two mountains, this overlook, between the summits was awesome and worth the trip, good thing since I am not going back. The loop’s big moment is the descent, but it was so rough, large drops and eroded, I could only ride half it, and that was with a lot of braking! After the ride I took a nap and realized I was really sore, I knew I could not ride again, the wind was too much for kayaking and the waterfalls are shorter hikes, so I want to save them for family outings, so I showered and headed for home.

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