April 29, 2012

On the top step, I won my age group in the Southern Classic’s Race to the River in Columbia. I had a great start and everything was dialed in… just a good day. On a side note: Yesterday after I pre-rode the course, another racer parked next to me asked me “why do you race?” He was over 50 and doing his first race, his friends had talked him into it since these were his home trails… My answers: 1. I need the carrot and stick. I love riding my bike, but without racing, I don’t ride enough to really get into shape, or at least slow down the effects of my bad diet (love of food) 2. I like the travel, riding new places, seeing new things, an excuse to explore. 3. I really like the nervousness I feel on the start line, the “butterflies” waiting for the gun. I felt it in triathlon, every softball season in my first at bat and at every bike race. As we talked, about my answers, it came up he has motorcycles and I explained I have wanted a dual sport, I admire how motorcyclists still just go for a ride, they have no agenda, place to be, just drive small roads for the fun of it. I do this in my truck, but I would really enjoy 60 mpg over my 17mpg. The dual sport is needed so I can still explore dirt roads, etc… he said he has been wanting another bike but has a spreadsheet for his retirement (he is an engineer) and knows how much he can spend so his kids don’t inherit too much and how much to save so he doesn’t run out of money. All I could add was my feeling, “no one lies on their deathbed and says I wish I had saved more….” I don’t think I helped him.

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