Month: April 2012

April 23, 2012 Part 2

The first goal of driving was Jumping Off Rock. This would be a major hike, but instead was a great drive and wonderful view. After that I started exploring each open road, one ended at a giant old boat ramp…. best I can guess, it must have been used by loggers to float logs out of the gorge or pull the logs out of what is now a lake. I was surprised to find a couple of ATVers, they were the first people I had seen all day!

April 23, 2012 Part 1

Today was a planned day off of riding. I planned to kayak the coves around Lake Jocassee, but 40 mph wind gusts kept the kayak on the roof. So instead I drove the rarely open logging roads inside Jocassee Gorges. The roads are only open for a couple of weeks in the spring and fall. Another change for this trip was the drawers I posted earlier about used as food and cooking, this also worked great, once I set up the slip platform, I never had to unmake the bed.

April 22, 2012 Part 3

As part of this extended solo trip, I wanted to test some ideas for my planned west coast trip… one was the overland washing machine. The idea is bucket of water, dirty cloths and a little soap on the roof rack and drive, the bumps wash your cloths and that night all you have to do is rinse and dry. It works great, I washed the last two days of riding cloths (including the muddy race stuff) and when I got to camp, they were clean and the dirt had settled on the bottom of the bucket. The bucket even fits cleanly into the cockpit of the kayak.

April 22, 2012 Part 2

Camp #2, Keowee-Toxaway State Natural Area near Sunset, SC, I was the only one in the camp ground and at $10 a night, worth the stay for hot showers rather than free primitive camping in Jocassee Gorges. The set-up started with a hail storm. After dinner I wondered around the shores of Jocassee Lake looking for sunset pictures, but didn’t have much luck.

April 21, 2012

Stump Jump pre-ride complete. I love these trails, I might have over done the recon ride with 2.5 hours in the saddle, but the last 45 minutes were the best as I rode the coarse backwards to find a lost 9 year old who was supposed to be on a different course… There were some happy parents (they had already called 911) Campsite 1 was primitive camping on the backside of Croft State Park (next to the capped landfill)