Month: May 2012

May 22, 2012

Lots of choices to post today, the first small format class and lab, Erin making a silly face while I demonstrated a flash, my boss making a face, but I choose this picture since this was the subject of chatter all day for my racing friends. There are 4 of us racing for the Cat 3 Southern Classic Mountain Bike Series championship, all of us got this e-mail. We have petitioned the series to allow us to finish the series as Cat 3, just waiting for the answer. Fun fact, in the race two weeks ago, I finished second, my lap time, if doubled for the Cat 2 race (assuming I could do another lap just as fast…. read unlikely) would have had me finishing DFL.

May 20, 2012

The rabbit. Spitz captured this baby rabbit last night. Mountain biking, today was the River Classic in Charlotte as part of the Southern Classic Mountain Bike Series. I had a great start and ran 2nd for most of the first half, I lost a little ground while passing back markers from earlier waves and even fell to 4th… I caught 2nd and 3rd late and set them up for a sprint. I ran out of room, finishing third, second and I were wheel to wheel, I was just a 1 foot behind him. I learned I don’t know how to throw my bike like Tour de France sprints… but I was on the rivet… 5 more yards and I think I had him. As they say in NASCAR, it was a good points days for me in the series. Congrats to Chip Harris on his first series victory!