Month: October 2012

Oct. 20, 2012

My view of the races from the back of the Turtle. Today I raced two races, my first race started really bad as I jumped back on after the firs remount, my saddle tilted up so I couldn’t jump on or sit and pedal. No problem, I have a second race today… I had a better race but was tired from the first one, mid-pack.

Oct. 18, 2012

Saying goodbye to Henry. The last if the original NC cats. When we lived in Fayetteville 14 years ago, one winter morning, Henry was a kitten and sleeping in a potted plant on our porch. My wife walked down to his owner’s home and asked why it was outside and was told the cat’s poop smelled bad (turns out Henry didn’t do milk) and so it was not allowed in…. my wife asked if she could find it a new home and was told “sure”…. my wife walked back to my house, picked up the cat, put it inside…. the search was over. Henry was unique cat, hated ceiling fans (really anything moving over him) and was “high maintenance” but a loving cat. PS he was not the only cat my wife “stole” from that neighbor!

Oct. 14, 2012

Sunday was my second CX race of the year, so a couple of pictures of me by Sam and mine of the B race. The coarse was not technical and short, so lots of laps…. I started well and was top 10 going into the first sweeping turn, a mtn biker on my right hit the rocks and veered across the whole field and I lost a couple of spots, then the third turn another mtn bike (see a trend?) chopped me badly and I lost a spot… I passed a couple and was in ~12 or so most of the race but faded badly over the last 1.5 laps to finish 17th of the 27 finishers!

Oct. 13, 2012 Part 2

The rest of the day we drove around, did the Devil’s Tail (Hwy 80) – – 12 miles of twisting fun on a motorcycle or sports car, but a 5,000 truck…. OK it was fun. We did it down then up! We finally drove our first mile on the Blue Ridge Parkway to get to Mt. Mitchell, of course we stopped at overlooks. On the way down Mt. Mitchell, a motorcycle and car collided, so we had a long delay as two life flights were brought in. Luckily we dinner in the back of the turtle and sat on the tailgate and had dinner