Month: May 2013

May 26, 2013 (Part 1)

OK no more making you wait. Introducing the Adventure Trailer Flippac. I have been selling off toys left and right to fund the purchase of this used Flippac.

When I started my Taco build, this is what I wanted… but they are built on the west coast, are over $5k new plus shipping and I had never even seen one in person and then the trailer showed up.

I am hoping this is a blend of a VW Westfalia van, Land Rover Dormobile, and a daily driver with Toyota reliability.  The stand up room inside is over 7 feet tall, almost a queen bed and it didn’t hit the MPG too much at all.

Our first night in it was under 40 degrees, but we were comfortable (mattress is the best camping one yet) and I look forward to a lot of adventures in it!