Oct. 20, 2013

NCCX Race #2 Raleigh, Lions Roar CX.
After yesterday, I decided I wanted to finish right at 50% in the field.
The whistle blows and I fought my way to the middle and about 15th or so, in a great spot on the long uphill asphalt to the first turn into the woods. Somehow I managed to drop my chain as I was setting up for the turns and had to coast over, stop, put the chain on and look back for a spot to jump in…. only 3 left in the field – CRAP!

With over 60 riders, it is tough work through the field and tight turns… so I was accelerating out of each turn and going all out on the short straights. I felt great and was passing folks all day. I had an interesting “chat” with a fellow racer. With all of my above effort I was really pushing the yellow tape and he said “you are all over the course,” in my oxygen debt I thought he meant it in a negative way and locked up both tires and invited him to go in front of me (not sure why? I guess if he thought I was a pain to follow, he would hate me behind him) but he quickly said he meant it as a compliment and we worked our why past more of the field trading positions. I did talk with him after the race and he was serious,  and meant it nicely. Anyway, I finished 23rd of 55 finishers (top 50%) and 7th in my age group (Should fall to 8th once Clay is added to results) My “friend” from above? He finished one spot in front of me! So a great day for me. I did decide to skip the second race today ; )

The picture today? If you are going to race single speed, go all out and wear a head to toe yellow body suit. Even in the outfit and SS this guy super fast!

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