Month: October 2013

Oct. 20, 2013

NCCX Race #2 Raleigh, Lions Roar CX.
After yesterday, I decided I wanted to finish right at 50% in the field.
The whistle blows and I fought my way to the middle and about 15th or so, in a great spot on the long uphill asphalt to the first turn into the woods. Somehow I managed to drop my chain as I was setting up for the turns and had to coast over, stop, put the chain on and look back for a spot to jump in…. only 3 left in the field – CRAP!

With over 60 riders, it is tough work through the field and tight turns… so I was accelerating out of each turn and going all out on the short straights. I felt great and was passing folks all day. I had an interesting “chat” with a fellow racer. With all of my above effort I was really pushing the yellow tape and he said “you are all over the course,” in my oxygen debt I thought he meant it in a negative way and locked up both tires and invited him to go in front of me (not sure why? I guess if he thought I was a pain to follow, he would hate me behind him) but he quickly said he meant it as a compliment and we worked our why past more of the field trading positions. I did talk with him after the race and he was serious,  and meant it nicely. Anyway, I finished 23rd of 55 finishers (top 50%) and 7th in my age group (Should fall to 8th once Clay is added to results) My “friend” from above? He finished one spot in front of me! So a great day for me. I did decide to skip the second race today ; )

The picture today? If you are going to race single speed, go all out and wear a head to toe yellow body suit. Even in the outfit and SS this guy super fast!

Oct. 19, 2013

The start of the North Carolina Cyclocross Series this weekend with racing both days. Today was Charlotte and a fun and technical course. The run up and sand pit were two highlights. (No pictures of me this week, traveling solo) I tried to race twice today. Race 1 – Masters 35+ Cat 4. I started well and felt good, lots of tight racing throughout the 60 plus racers that started. I finished 29th of the 51 finishers, lots of DNF’s due to flats. They also break down the age groups – 35+ 45+ and 55+ I was 17th in my age group. Race 2 Open Cat 4 (young guys) – I had a great start and was running well for the first two laps, but my legs started cramping and my stomach was upset (no more milk based recovery drinks between races) so I just pulled off the course and took the DNF.  Save something for Sunday.

Oct. 17, 2013

I had the honor to meet and chat with Pulitzer Prize winner Matt Lewis and visit him in his home and his basement filled with history! He photographed the civil rights marches, MLK, the White House, Ali, John Lennon and everything in between. As we were chatting, I was just picking up stuff (I do that) and pulled a contact sheet from a pile, I just pulled one out, no choosing, and it was Matt’s roll from JFK’s funeral. Amazing morning!

Oct. 16, 2013

Homecoming week and middle school football. Some where in there is Sam with her “boyfriend.”  After the game i asked her if they held hands, she said, “no, he tried sitting too close to me, so I told him to mover over, I have a box.” #confusedboy

Oct. 13, 2013

The first annual Brute Cross was held at Moore’s Spring Trails and featured a Le Mans start, two creek crossings (with one muddy run up) and lots of leaves. After a rainy night everything was soaked and I decided to race in a faster/longer race, but less than 2 minutes into it, I broke a chain. (Not a big problem, I was already DFL and going backwards) The race director let me switch to the race I was planning to do. My race started well and I settled into 3rd for the first lap until we came around to the “beer hand up” shortcut, it was a time saver but you had to drink a full red Solo cup of some hoppy IPA… I downed it and went back onto the course with the lead, but burping beer
badly ; )  I lead most of this lap until the long straight and was run down just before the creek crossing/muddy run-up. I went through in the lead and let 2 by me as we went through the back section. We settled down and rode out the last of the race in this order (although I think Josh lead for a bit after he did the beer hand up, before dropping to second) The finish featured a 1/2 mile uphill that forced me off the bike to push on one section. But I finished third (hardware) behind a Cat 1 mountain bike racer and some new guy to cyclocross, but he looked like he is fast on the road. Next weekend starts the NCCX season, Saturday in Charlotte and Sunday in Raleigh.

Oct. 12, 2013

The Gov’t shutdown forced a change of plans this weekend. We had reservations since March for this weekend to meet friends in the Smokey Mountains, camp and see the elk. The campground was closed and several of the roads through the national forest were gated (to find the elk) so we went to plan B – Mt. Airy (Mayberry) and a cyclocross race.

Oct. 11, 2013

Since adding the Flippac, I wanted a wind deflector to help with MPG and keep some bugs off the front of the camper. There is not a good solution until I found these 4 suction cup dent puller at Northern Tool. Add some EMT tubing and the fairing from my kayak rack and for less than $20 I have something….