Month: November 2013

Nov. 23, 2103

Wilkesboro Cyclocross Festival, racing both days, a couple of firsts, camping and winter temperatures.
Saturday Race Report. This was part of another series and no masters class, all Cat 4s in one group (ie racing young guys) The first first, I got the hole shot… for all 1/8 a lap. Then freight trained. I raced hard but the course was not in my favor, the climbs were off or something. 15th of 22. I had fun, but disappointed.

Sunday Race Report.  I camped at the race site despite temperatures dropping to 20 degrees. In fact, at race start it was only 21! I slept great in the FlipPac wrapped in my winter sleeping bag, inside my summer bag and my head covered by a fleece blanket. In fact I slept for over 11 hours. The second first, my name was called for a call up (ie starting on the first row) The race course went in reverse of yesterday but added another climb. I had a good start and settled in about 15th… passed by a couple, passed a couple and finished 19th of 50 something… better day for me.

Cat 3 close finish for the win, last lap, last run up and they are talking to with other?

The women attack the run up.