Month: December 2013

Dec. 15, 2013

Day 2 of the NCGP and these two images describe my day!
I had a much better start and felt great until we hit the mud again. It hardly felt like I was moving when I was not picking myself up. Yesterday I didn’t fall once, today, at least 8-12 times, many just riding and then sliding on the ground. I even managed to ride into the tape that lines the course, but instead of breaking, it clothlined me off the bike. Both days featured a woods section that was all up hill and made of peanut butter, yesterday, I could run and push the bike, today on the first lap, so much mud collected on the bike, the wheels wouldn’t turn. Now it was twice as heavy to carry…  finished 20th of the 40 plus finishers (I think 50ish started both days) but here is the funny thing. I was 2 minutes slower today but we did one less lap (13-15 minutes per lap) I guess I was right, I was hardly moving.

Dec. 14, 2013

This weekend was the UCI North Carolina Grand Prix and featured the top pros in the US battling for championship points, including number one Jeremy Powers and number two Tim Johnson. We had some rain… OK a lot of rain! My race started just as the rain did at 9am, what is supposed to be a fast course became a muddy mess. I had a decent start and was riding in the top 15 until the 2nd lap when I did a two wheel sideways slide into a tree, I stayed upright but I lost all confidence going into every turn and lost 7 spots in the final two laps just on “the wall” I finished 23rd of the 40 something finishers, but again really thought I should have been higher. The rest of the day, I battled the rain, cold and inches deep mud that spectators created watching the other races. This is a video of the action: