Month: March 2014

March 30, 2014

A sad day. We hated to see the trailer go, but the new owners are super excited and even better people.

March 29, 2014

How I felt today, in Purgatory….

 The hike is short and I did the Moonshine Run trail too. Misty rain the whole way, but felt good
 to be out.

More capacity than needed…..

March 25, 2014

Snow again….

Together…. using nothing but parts from my used parts box, the Trek 930 I bought in 1994 is back on the road. As Jeremy Clarkson said on Top Gear, “I am genuinely pleased with it.”

Lots of mixing to make it work. All I had was a tapered square bottom bracket so I had to use an old Ultegra  600 crank, the gearing is too tall for real mountain biking, but bombing around is fun. Set up as 1×9.

I even got to use the Coda brakes that a former riding partner gave me in 1995. I must say, cantilever brakes still suck. I might take the V brakes from Deb’s bike and give her the crappy brakes… she will never notice….

March 23, 2014

After I sold my Haro CX bike, I have missed having a “camp” bike, something cheap, that I can ride wherever, whenever. Since I am off work, I pulled my 1994 Trek 930 mountain bike out from the shed… rust had taken hold, so I sanded till I got bored (read not prefect) and painted it with leftover paint from my old Land Cruiser paint job.