Month: June 2014

June 22, 2014

My other brother sold his 1800 plus square foot house to move to a much smaller house but ON Lake Murray. He held an estate sale and is down to what you see in the storage POD (hint hint Deb!)

Anyway while visiting my mom, I heard he was in a pinch to get stuff done before the mortgage inspection, so Sam and I redirected to help him, painted the out buildings (Sam was awesome and painted a large well pump house on her own) fixed some plumbing, a short swim and a dump run before we headed home.

June 17, 2014

This week’s long lab was an introduction to remote flash and tools used (Pocket Wizards, Wein slaves, using a flash or camera to master control flashes, hard wiring, gels, softening light, etc) I started the lab with a demo. This is using a Vivitar 285 with a optical slave, a Nikon Flash in an umbrella and a Canon Flash with a homemade snoot. The Nikon and Canon were fired with Pocket Wizards…. I just wanted to show in 5 minutes and using “pieces” a nice portrait is possible!