Month: March 2015

March 30, 2015

Photo A Day Project 2015 (photo by Jay Capers)Since we had a water issue in the basement a while back, I finally spent the day putting the basement back in order. In one of the boxes, I found Christmas presents from my grandmother that were found after she passed. This box was toothpaste. All the ones in the back were for Deb. (SS was her code for stocking stuffer, no one did Christmas like Mimi!)

March 29, 2015

032915podSo I built a AC for the dog. The idea is when you put ice or frozen bottles in the cooler, the fan bows air over it, cools down, comes out the vent and the dog doesn’t die in the back of the truck when we leave it to eat dinner or whatever when we travel. The test was with a 1/2 gal frozen bottle, the air from the vent was 10 degrees cooler… I am hoping if needed, a larger cold source will produce even better results.