March 15, 2015

Photo A Day Project 2014 (photo by Jay Capers) Photo A Day Project 2014 (photo by Jay Capers) Photo A Day Project 2014 (photo by Jay Capers) Photo A Day Project 2014 (photo by Jay Capers)After the Northern Short Course, I stopped to visit James and Beth in Fredericksburg (or some town near there) and they invited me to go paddling and shark tooth hunting with them. We started early with breakfast and hit the water in time for a private lunch spot one Stratford Hall property as we waited for the tide to go out. (Stratford Hall is private property and you MUST have permission and paperwork to search their property!) Everyone had good luck hunting and we headed back, but once again the Potomac River was rough and paddling was frustrating. But it was still a great day with friends!

From Stratford Hall’s website:

“When Thomas Lee purchased “The Cliffs” property in 1717, he did not know that he had acquired a geological phenomenon that existed in only three other places in the world–the Los Angeles basin, Austria and Belgium. The Cliffs, part of the Calvert formation, are composed of compacted sea matter dating from the Miocene Epoch–approximately 17 to 10 million years ago–when rising land replaced the ocean that once covered Stratford. The 150-foot-high cliffs along the Potomac River, formerly the sea floor, provided just the right set of circumstances for the fossilization of animal remains. Fossilized remains indicate a sea filled with primitive shark-toothed porpoises, salt-water crocodiles, sea cows, gopher turtles, rays, whales and sharks. Thousands of shark teeth found along this area of the Potomac attest to the frequency of the sharks, largest among them being Carcharodon megalodon, or Giant White Shark, with teeth measuring 7 inches or more.”

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