Month: August 2015

Aug. 16, 2015 – Wilson Creek

081615pod_Wilson_F 081615pod_Wilson_D 081615pod_Wilson_C 081615pod_Wilson_B 081615pod_Wilson_AA great day, after visiting the vacation home, we went on a bike ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway, we rode a favorite out and back from camp… 55 minutes of climbing and less than 20 minutes of down you are back at camp. I didn’t look up my max speed, but I saw 41.5 go by on the GPS.

Then we hiked along Wilson Creek, I loved this fallen tree and waterfall!

Bonus picture from Clay, me at work. You can see my wet bottom, I gave up trying to rock hop down to this point, so I sat on the rocks and slid down them, wetter but safer!