Sept. 20, 2015

092015podC 092015podB 092015podAAnother great day. After a long bike ride, Sam and I met the Clark’s to find a pair of caves you are supposed to be able to kayak into. They are really diversion tunnels when the dam was built, but would still be cool. The paddle up river was relaxing and soon we reached the dam, everything said it would be flat water to the caves, but the water was really running (not sure if the dam released water or just because the level is low, but not being one to quit, I paddled up the edge of the running water till I had to cross the eddy line, I grabbed one hard stroke and the water took the nose and flipped me, really rolled me violently. It took my breath away, after I surfaced, grabbed my now flooded kayak, and rode the current several hundred yards till I could kick over to the edge. I called Sam back (she was following me up the edge) and we gave up on the idea of the caves for the day, but enjoyed playing in the current and floating gently back to the put in. Once back we decided we should practice getting into a flooded boat. We are planning an ocean trip to some islands, so there may not be a bank to swim to, allowing us to get back in the boat.

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