Oct. 25, 2015 (afternoon)

102515podD 102515podEIn the afternoon, we joined with the Clark’s to try to reach the caves (old tunnels) on the Yadkin River.

102515podJThe last time, we hit a water release and it flipped me hard, today the water was glass smooth!

102515podI 102515podHThe scenery was perfect and we reached the dam with no problems.

102515pody 102515podxThere it is……. (what sign?)

102515podM 102515podN 102515podP 102515podO 102515podS 102515podUAnd into the caves we paddled. They went back a good ways, got completely dark and no sound expect water falling.

102515podTWe all made it out and enjoyed the paddle back to the take out! After we loaded the boats, we searched for Mexican food and settled for Pizza Hut before saying goodbyes. I got home at 8:30 – 13 hours after I left in the morning….

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