Month: October 2015

Oct. 20, 2015

102015podCFall Break for students means two days of professional development for instructors, everyone always asks what we do, so here you go.

102015podAI did escape early enough to grab Sam and get a quick paddle in, I loved the reflection under the bridge.

102015podBI had not been home 5 minutes when the cats decided the kayaks on the roof were the most interesting thing of the day

Oct. 18, 2015

101815podC 101815podB 101815podADay two of NCCX. Here are my race reports:

Race 1 – Clemmons. A mountain bike course on CX bikes. I have spent the summer camping, kayaking, playing tennis and not biking. As you can imagine, I am not in bike race shape and it showed. My start was OK, fell into mid-pack and then started to go backwards after the first lap. Finished 55th of the almost 70 starters. Not a good day.

Race 2 – Winston-Salem. A course that suits me better and always a fast course. The pre-ride was frost covered as a morning CX race should be. The course was in great shape and my start was good, I was not too aggressive after yesterday’s finish and hiking and didn’t really pass many folks and was not passed a bunch. The fun part was after being trailed the whole last lap by a rider, he came around on the last climb. I kicked it to stay on his wheel and took him in a sprint finish for 35th.

Oct. 11, 2015

101115podAlmost finished. A new idea for organizing the back of the truck and camping. The center will have a ledge and all the top will be covered in mat. I hope this will lead to less moving stuff around at bedtime, last week, each night I had to move the house battery and cassette toilet, before making Sam’s bed, all that and more will be in a permanent location now.