Jan. 31, 2016


D   N   F

Did Not Finish. I hate that next to my name. Today was the January Mountain Bike Marathon at Governors Creek: one 7 mile lap of the single track, a 30 mile ride over gravels roads and back for a final 7 mile single track.

My race started pretty well, I wanted to go easy and save myself for the gravel roads, but I was part of a nice pack in the woods, so I stayed with them for a while, but figured I was mixing cake batter without an oven. So I pulled over, let the group go (I was mid-pack) and finished the lap being caught by a small group.

The gravel roads bike choice was up to the rider, so I switched over to my cross bike and quickly dropped those around me and caught a few more. But at mile 17 of the gravel roads I started cramping, so I slowed, ate, drank and tried to recover, I was spinning and deciding (the mental games of racing for 3 plus hours) if I could do the singletrack lap. I had talked myself into it when I completing cramped up…. my day was over.

In the end it was the right decision, as I waited for friends to finish, random fingers and my feet were cramping even after drinking 2 quarts. I might rethink the National Marathon Mountain Bike Championships…


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