Month: February 2016

Feb. 27, 2016


Lisa Krantz from the San Antonio Express-News ends her talk with a quote from Hector on her 4 year project “A Life Apart: The Toll of Obesity”  – the pictures I had seen before, but her presentation had her multimedia and his voice, even more powerful!


Staff photo attempt #2 – Michelle is were she belongs!

Feb. 26, 2016


Northern Short Course Disco Room staff photo.


Portfolio Reviews Night #2 – 27 Reviewers did 6 20 minute sessions.


My student Caitlin has her portfolio looked over by Louie Palu – who had flown back from covering the conflict in the Ukrainian conflict to be at the NSC.


Feb. 25, 2016


On the New Jersey transit train on my way to the Northern Short Course. I will say, what a great mass transit system: the cars were super clean, plenty of employees at stations to answer questions and even the conductors were nice and I some how ended up on a “quiet car” – no talking between friends or cell calls…. very pleasant ride!


My new job with the Northern Short Course is portfolio reviews,  I find editors and photographers willing to volunteer to look at other photographers work…


Folks like Eli Reed from Magnum freely donate their time to helping young and veteran photographers grow. Eli’s Bio


Feb. 20, 2016


Final race of the Winter Short Track series.


Second again in Open Clydesdale for second overall for series. I did not have a great day, crash on first lap, then I had too much pressure, so I “bounced” off roots, and never felt confidant during the race. A couple weeks off before the first  Southern Classic series.

Feb. 19, 2016


Thanks to the CFO, I have new (to me) wheels. I have been riding the road wheelset I bought in 1999.


They complement the new (to me) groupo I bought last week.


Which goes great with the (to me) new crankset I bought 2 weeks ago.


So I have entered the 2010s – 10 speed group, wheels made this decade, but the frame is still from 1998.  (Don’t worry CFO, I have no desire to upgrade the road bike, next is my mountain bike frame)