Month: March 2016

March 18, 2016


No matter how hard you try, packing for a trip always takes until dark.



Working until dark, you figure out with the rear rack and bag, no one can see my tail lights… so in fading light, I pulled the lights from a trailer and installed on the rack. I really thought about just taking the trailer, but the campground we are staying at says there is no room for a trailer on my site.

March 16, 2016


Late in the evening, Deb says, “by the way, your left brake light is out” – no problem, change the bulb…. even though the old one looked fine, I did it and it didn’t fix it. Odd for only one brake light to be a fuse, but I checked them… finally start tearing into the wiring, look at this corrosion (not to mention those stupid blue wire splices) I finally got them all cleaned and working.

only one

March 11, 2016


So good!

Magnolia 23 in Asheboro opens at 5pm on Friday, we were there 10 minutes early, when they opened the door, every table was filled by 5:04 and a line was out the door before we finished ordering. Southern Comfort food at it’s best!