Month: August 2016

Aug. 24, 2016


I did my first mountain bike race since late February, as I suspected I am not in race shape. I stayed with the leaders till the first real climb, then fell back, finishing 7th. I was just over 4 minutes behind the winner, I am not unhappy, my average speed was 11.5mph and I felt strong for most of the race.

POD – panning. One of the iconic images from the Rio Olympics is a panning photo of Usian Bolt –


One thing I am amazed by is the difference in one stop of shutter speed, the top image is 1/30 and the bottom 1/60. When I give the panning assignment to my students, I stress the importance of the subject sharpness even when panning. I am not sure the Bolt picture is tack, but love the fact several photographers “played” while shooting the Olympics.

Aug. 23, 2016


I remembered I had the Canon wide angle adapter for my Canon G7 camera and decided to play with it on my micro 4/3 camera. For this it looked good….


This is a full frame image of the just the 14mm lens


This is the same shot with the wide angle adapter on the 14mm. The center is tack sharp, but notice the edge blur? A cool effect, but not what I was hoping for….

Aug. 21, 2016


A foggy start to an early ride.


Then helping Clay mount his Flippac camper like mine….


His is an older model (guess late 1980’s or early 90s) and the truck cabs must have been shorter, the Flippac is resting on the roof.


Problem solving 101. PVC board to the rescue.