Month: October 2016

Oct. 30, 2016


We woke up to a beautiful sunrise! Quickly ate and packed, it is going to be a long day!


The sun was warm and we started climbing right away.


I knew the first bit was up-hill, but not this up… see the tiny barn in the background, that was where we slept and this is only a half hour of hiking.


Again we had the trail to ourselves and went up Little Hump Mountain (5,459 ft) through a Bradley Gap and then up Hump Mountain.




a break on some large rocks….


and up….


near melt down (how much more up can there be?) This was about 2 hours of climbing since we left camp.


But once over the top, we headed back into the woods, out of the wind and enjoyed the mostly downhill hike back to the truck.

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I was surprised when un-packing, we used every thing we brought (except a couple items in the first aid kit) and finished with only one Clif Bar and a little trail mix! I packed perfectly!



Oct. 29, 2016


It was time for Sam and my annual backpacking trip and the great late October weather made the mountains an easy choice. This year we tried a new to us section of the Appalachian Trail.

We started at Carvers Gap on the Tennessee and North Carolina border and headed north, just over 14 miles back to my truck!


This is almost straight out of the camera, Blue Ridge glory!


The hike features 5 peaks over 5,000 feet and several balds (clear mountain tops) and we quickly reached the first couple, Round Bald (5,826ft) and Jane Bald (5,807 ft).


This is where all the day hikers turned around and we were alone. We started late and most backpackers were hours in front of us. After rolling up and downs we went over Elk Hollow Ridge (5,180 ft)



One of the concerns was water, the mountains are dry and many water sources are dried up, so when we reached Overmountain Shelter, we filled up and decided to stay the night.


The shelter is an old barn with sleeping up stairs and on the porch, but I carried a tent and there were mice in the barn, so we set up the tent.


Sam was less than thrilled at the “Privy”


Some color below us


and the sunset from my tent door. That night the wind picked up and we had 35 plus MPH gusts and my 15 year old K-Mart tent held up as well as some $500 backpacking tents, but man they are MUCH lighter.