Nov. 7, 2016


Bike Love. I have an hour loop (really diamond shaped) that I ride on weekdays, it’s 16 miles and rolling hills. The past few weeks I had been getting close to averaging 17mph for the loop (in fact the last couple were 15.9, 16.6, 16, 14.8) but I really thought I could break 17mph for my avg. Today I took my 1997 Trek 5000 OCLV for the ride, the bike is set up as a triathlon bike, including race tires and classic 90’s Spinergy wheels.

Through mile 15, I was averaging 19mph and the last mile uphill dropped my ride to 18.7. (Damn a new goal -19?) but very excited after today’s ride.

I bought this bike in 1997 after I signed up for my first Ironman (1998 Ironman Canada) and it took me to all 8 Ironman finishes, plus dozens of Half-Ironmans, and who only knows how many shorter races. It was my only road bike for years and if I had to guess, has well over 10,000 miles on it…. easy.


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