Month: February 2017

Feb. 26, 2017


It was a great day to take our kayaks for a walk….


Sadly the water in Bear Creek was deep in spots, so we had to paddle…


and duck under fallen trees.

022617podc 022617podd

and played in the water coming over the dam.

My partner in crime, Clay sent me these pictures.


Hold my beer and watch this moment… I tried to slide off the dock, didn’t work! I did save it with only a wet arm and leg.


Me more upright


Sam is in a good mood


Luckily we finally got back to hiking!



Feb. 25, 2017


Warrior Creek Mountain Bike Trail.

Everyone sees the big berms, but this was a beautiful view of the single-track.

I had planned two laps of the 12+ mile trail, so I figured a touch over 3 hours.


Six miles in (exactly half way or in the middle of the woods) , I felt this.. a broken seat rail.


My repair kit was sparse, but I had wrapped my CO2 in Gorilla Tape, so I taped a tire lever as a splint. A mile or so later, I passed a campsite and jumped on the road to get back to my truck. Since the trail is almost 2 hours from home, I didn’t want to quit riding, so I drove to Walmart – nothing but big comfy saddles. A quick search I found Cook’s Sporting Goods in Wilkesboro. It is a very cool outfitter place, backpacking, paddling, bike, ball sports, they had it all. On the bike wall all they had was big comfy saddles, dejected I asked the kid working if they had anything else – he asked me if I wanted more cushioning… (how old do I look?) ummm no I want a real saddle. He said he had a box of web sale stuff.


A Giant Contact something was close enough, marked down, it’s a winner.

Back to the trail and another lap. Great day of riding!

Feb. 24, 2017


A screenshot of a photo group shared by the RCC Marketing department, Congressman Mark Walker read about the RCC photo program in the Our State magazine last month and wanted to see it first hand. With the boss in a lecture out of the department, I got the tour guide role with the school President… Mr. Walker seemed knowledgeable about imaging and interested in what we do. I had a lecture and high school tours so I went in 2 hours early to prep, wished I remembered I was leading the Congressman’s tour when I got dressed that morning!

Feb. 20, 2017


Happy Anniversary. My gift to Deb was microfiber towels for camping.

022017pode 022017podd

Besides being quicker to dry, look at the difference in size. 3 bath towels and 3 hand towels in the size of a terry bath towel!


Deb’s gift to me – Prayer flags for the camper.


Every spring you should re-wrap your handlebars, I tried blue this time to match the bike graphics.

Feb. 19, 2017


Hike #8 of #52hikechallenge – Stone Mountain State Park


Clay comes back from the edge! My third visit and this time we went counter clockwise on Stone Mountain Loop Trail and down the 400 steps.


Then back up Wolf Rock and Cedar Rock – this is the view of Stone Mountain from Cedar Rock.


There is an old homestead on the backside of Cedar Rock – but I could not find any info on it.

021917pod_004 021917pod_003

Then back down to the Hutchinson Homestead and the view of Stone Mountain from below.




A climber (lower left) in red shows the scale!


We ended the day with a couple of waterfalls!