Month: March 2017

March 19, 2017


The Tacoma with the Land Cruiser rims with larger tires.


Why I like to pre-ride race courses. This is SanLee Park in Sanford, beautiful park with lots of trails, and rock gardens.  After I walked the 4th or 5th garden, and launched off the bike a time or two, I decided I am not racing here next weekend: a carbon fiber bike, rocks and my skills are not going to work out!


March 18, 2017


Hike #11 #52hikechallenge Morrow Mountain State Park. Cool fact, Morrow Mountain is an extinct volcano, (last eruption was about 550 million years ago and was hundreds of miles southeast of the east coast of North America)


Clay’s daughter Stephanie, her husband Tim and their 2 boys joined in, fun day in the woods.

March 17, 2017


Will they fit? Since the Land Cruiser is down with a blown head gasket, and the tires only had 3k miles on them, I decided to run them on the Tacoma. They are over an inch taller, the back spacing of the Land Cruiser rims will let them clear the upper control arms, but I will have to cut some fender well inner. Question: Paint the rims or not?

March 12, 2017


The problem with Spring Break in early March


yep snow in South Carolina


and saying goodbye to Steph…. twice.

We dropped her off at Charlotte and drove away, we had checked the flight during lunch and all was good… then to find out a 2 hour delay in Charlotte meant she would miss her connection and no hope of a later flight, so we turned around and drove her to Greensboro, and a later flight, but hopefully she gets home tonight!