Month: July 2017

July 25, 2017


A good reminder for me, I am about to assign my new Photojournalism I class the Photo A Day project, and I always mention take the picture when you see it… tonight during league tennis an awesome Rhinoceros Beetle flew onto my court, I picked him up and placed away from the court. As soon as the match ended, I ran to the truck, grabbed the camera but couldn’t find the Rhinoceros Beetle, so this what I assume is some type of beetle will have to do today.

July 22, 2017


Some days are better Photo A Day days than others… I started with a macro of this grasshopper.

Then the RCC Photography Department’s Graduation Recognition. A framed “Toast”

So I think I am done with PODs and head towards South Carolina to pick upĀ  Sam from her Aunt and grandmother week long vacation.


and the Wienermobile pulls in front of me… and they are hiring! –


I followed for a while, hoping it would stop for a picture next to it, I finally gave up and passed it….


and left it in my dust of US 1. If only every POD day was this good!


July 18, 2017


Deb told me when I got up at 6am, “I think I wrecked the car” – she was driving home at 3am-ish and hit a tire tread in the road…. so I spend an hour (while it was cool) and removed the valence, engine protective pan and a fuel filter platic pan. At lunch I picked up the needed clips and after work installed everything so she could take the car to work! I am happy it was an easy fix!