Sept. 1, 2017


It’s Friday! I get off work on time and Sam is locked down at school for a Tornado warning (watch?) so I decide to take a quick nap as a thunderstorm starts to hit the area…. but No No (the cat) is going nuts, howling, etc. Finally Deb decides to follow him to the basement thinking they must be out of food, nope the food is covered in water, the basement has flooded from the storm – read no nap today – we make a lot of progress when Sam calls and she can be picked up. I drive through what feels like Noah’s Ark rain (4 inches in less than 1/2 hour) only to get home and find the basement flooded again. I have been picking at Deb to go through all her boxes down there, now I know how to make her do it! I know this isn’t Houston flooding but what a bad way to start a 3 day weekend!

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