Jan. 21, 2018


A couple of weeks ago, a friend Walk Unks, from the Winston-Salem Journal wrote about the #52hikechallenge as part of his outdoors column and goal setting. It ran but I couldn’t find a copy of the paper in Asheboro. He let me know the Greensboro News & Record was going to use it as a “column”


It was a lot more than a column, centerpiece story in the Life section. It is very odd to be on this side of a story, but thank you Walt!

Thanks to my student, Khadejeh, who was talking to Walt at a photo show and he mentioned he didn’t have a photo of me, 2 days later I run into her and Becca while photographing frozen waterfalls, and she shared her picture with Walt.

A chicken/egg thing. I had to go to 3 gas stations and a Walmart before I found someone who had the paper. One station said they don’t sell newspapers anymore…. isn’t that what everyone in power wants? No one watching them, keeping them accountable?


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