Month: March 2018

March 31, 2018


A day on the water. We headed back to Falls Reservoir, the bit of water between two dams on the Yadkin River, because it is always quite and very few motorboats. The waterfall was flowing nicely – I can not find a name for it, before the dams, the area was known as The Narrows.


We paddled towards the northern dam, but there was fast water and since I flipped a boat in a release here we turned back and had lunch on an island. We found remains of previous visitors!


One more look at the waterfall and headed home!

March 30, 2018


I had forgotten how much fun the trails at the US National Whitewater Center are… or maybe I never knew since I have only ridden there twice, once a pre-ride the week before and the next week for a Southern Classic MTB series race. The trails have everything; climbs, slalom runs, and flow-y single track. After I left the center, I was able to ride alone for 2 hours, I don’t think I doubled a trail, and didn’t see a soul! I stopped back at the truck for quick break and then another hour. How is this break down. 1st hour I listened to AC/DC, second hour Oingo Boingo and third hour, The Fools (a Boston based bar band)

The series isn’t racing there this year, but I will go back! Worth the ride!

March 29, 2018


Our USTA team was undefeated going into tonight’s match in High Point. I played #2 doubles and started horrible, lost my first two service games, and wasn’t hitting clean shots… luckily my partner kept us in it and we were only behind 5-3 when I turned it around… we won 1st set 7-5 and my service game came back the second set for several aces and we won 6-3. Sadly we lost the other two courts….. post match drink at Brown Truck Brewery.

March 28, 2018


A good day. Several meetings at work and a lab. Erin and I did a 1/2 hour walk at lunch. After work I got in a 1.5 hour bike ride in windy conditions. So why am I holding racket? The USTA team I play for has not lost this season, so the pressure is mounting, then I got bumped to #2 doubles…. no problem till last night at Asheboro men’s tennis, I played like CRAP, serve was off and ground strokes were working…. so after the bike, I played 1.5 hours of singles. At least I played better tonight, hopefully USTA on Thursday goes well!

March 23, 2018


Dog sprint chain explosion. I had about a half hour left in my long ride when a dog came charging towards me, I sped up and was parallel¬† when the dog cut across my path so I let off the pressure and as soon as it crossed I stepped down and “pop” the chain busted…. it took about 15 minutes of searching for the quick connect pieces (2) laying hidden in the road…. meanwhile the dog was very happy to have me stopped so he could bark at me. #cyclistproblems