Month: April 2018

April 30, 2018

Photos in Colorado

Wake up frustrated? Didn’t sleep but 5 hours or so…. spend 20 minutes (or until your knuckles hurt) on the punching bag before starting the weights circuit and you will feel better!


I am calling it official, finally below 190, after a week at 190, I thought I had plateaued, but this is 3 days at 187ish.

April 27, 2018


6:30am and the gym is all mine!


Now down 30 pounds and my 1998 Ironman Canada Dead Runners Society jersey now fits….


First 50 miler of the year, I averaged 17.1 through 2:10, the last 50 minutes I dropped to 16.4 as I have 3 climbs over 10% to get home.

April 22, 2018


A great day of biking, over 3 hours of single track, most of it all to myself. I started somewhat early and did Owls Roost, Wild Turkey and Reedy Fork for 1.5 hour out, then turned around to negative split the ride backwards. My avg speed was higher than normal and I felt smooth. I added on a bit at the end before lunch!

April 21, 2018


The Taco is cleaned up, after sitting by the fire last night and a dusty day in Uwharrie (plus not having washed it for a couple of weeks) it was time.


Is there anything prettier than a new chain? After last week’s rain race, plus 3 rides this week, the chain was 100+% worn out.