Month: October 2018

Oct. 15, 2018


Recovery Monday:

Started the day working on Deb’s Honda, it has been stumbling and the CEL finally came on, new plugs and coil packs hopefully will fix it.

Then the weight room, a bike ride and tennis. Thank you to all the trail gnomes who worked to open Country Park, I was amazed how trees were down and cleared after Hurricane Michael came through.

Oct. 14, 2018


Race #2 NCCX and the same results, same three on the podium and in the same order.

The race was at Lions Park in Raleigh and I have always liked the course, even I have have never had a good result there. This year they took away recovery dirt road on the back, made the bog hill a run up with barriers and made the lap a hair longer. I got the call up today, so I started on the front row: The start, yesterday’s winner got a good start and then did a “dick” move and cut right in front on me, but karma got him and he dropped a chain or cross chained or something…. all I know was suddenly he was moving and was right in front of me, and I had to cut hard not to pile into him.

The mechanical also meant I had the hole shot and after the first left turn I was in front before we hopped the curb into the woods. All I could think of was go, go, go… I have never been in the front of a CX field and wasn’t sure how hard to go vs “popping” – whatever I was doing was working I was building a gap and finished the first lap with over 100 yards lead. After halfway through lap 2 I saw yesterday’s winner and he was gaining, and by the next switch back he had closed the gap why faster than I expected…. I learned, he is MUCH faster than I am so I concentrated on my line and he caught and passed me before the run up, I stayed with him for a bit, but just not as fast as he is. Lap 3 was fast, third place didn’t close in on me, and I wasn’t gaining at all on first. I am still happy with my second second of the year!


‘cross = early starts!


The run up, last year it was ride-able, this year Tim added barriers.


Fun stuff


Oct. 13, 2018


No suspense in this blog, I finished on the podium for the first time in the NCCX series.

Race Report: I did not get a call up and started on the second row, as we sprinted away, I settled into 5th place as we hit the first off camber part and realized first was pulling away and I was faster than the other 3, by the next 3 turns I was in second. I was pushing hard to close the gap and making progress as we started into the woods/single track, but the leader passed some back markers of the field in front us right before the woods and I didn’t so I had to wait till we came out…. back to chasing. Half way through the second lap I was carrying a lot of speed through a greasy/grass off camber ess when my bike just slide away from me and I was on the ground.  I was able to jump up before anyone hit me, but never managed to close on the leader.


But I am VERY happy with my day!


Just some photos after my race.


This guy was trying to bunny hop the barrier before the run up.


Tangled up


It was perfect weather for ‘cross, I warmed up in a long sleeve shirt and wore shorts and a sweatshirt after my race.