June 1, 2019

Triangle Sprint Triathlon race report.
I forgot how early 4am is as I started driving to Raleigh. I have not raced a triathlon in 5 years, and this is only my 2nd in the past 12 years. After Ironman USA in 2007, I decided to take a break ; )
I had no idea how I would do, but I enjoy toeing the line, so I paid my fee and jumped in Harris Lake. My swim wasn’t as strong as I wanted, but I wasn’t surprised, I have swam twice in 2 months! I did swim faster than my age group winner, and was within a minute and half of top finishers.
The bike: My strength, I chose this race because the bike is tough for a sprint triathlon, I laid down a massive effort, in fact I had the top bike split for my age group! Average speed was 21.8mph.
The Run: I started the run in second place in my age group (I didn’t know it since it was an odd time trial start, so you have no idea who is racing against you) I ran 9 min miles for the 5k, but was passed by 2 guys in my age group, so I finished 4th in age group and 51st overall of the 300 starters.
That is a good day for me! Next race 2024?

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