June 13, 2019


Today’s match (continuation from last night’s rain out) was one of those that make me realize why I love competition. I was playing #1 singles, and as I warmed up, I thought, this guy is a lot better than me, but I have seen that in warm ups before, but something about his consistency had me worried. Part of my warm up is hitting shots to see what he does with them, and he liked everything, deep, short, pace, off pace….

Last night we started under heavy clouds, and I dropped my first serve, he held and I was down 0-2 – all I could do was move him side to side and try to tire him out, that worked as the rain started, I served at 3-3 and my balls were throwing rooster tails all the way across the net – it was wet!

Today is my third week of being in a bad mental place and I was having trouble focusing. I wanted to finish the first set from last night – I was up 4-3 – his serve, I got lucky, broke his serve and held after being down Love -40. First set was mine.

Again like last night, I fell behind 0-2 in teh second set and had to find something. My serve finally came back, I got some easy games with hard serves and broke him to win 6-4.

A good match for me.


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