Aug. 14, 2019


The last Wednesday Night MTB race for the season and my first race of the year. The race director made me race Cat 2, but at least he had a 50+ age group.

The gun goes off and I get the hole shot as we raced down the road towards the woods – “nope” I will not rabbit for them, so I sit up and realize there is a spot for 3rd, so I slide in as we hit the singletrack. I quickly moved to second, but as we worked through the first lap, every time I looked back, we were in a pace line. I am not used to this, normally the leaders ride away…. not tonight. I finished the first 5 miles in second and averaging 12.1 mph for the first lap. : 0 I can not do that two more times, so I let 2, 3 and 4 by and try to hang on in 5th, that worked for a couple miles, but before we finished 10 miles I was dropped. I continue to fall and finish in DFL – Dead Freaking Last – but I rode hard, averaged over 11 mph for 15 miles, I am not a Cat 2 rider!


I am the captain of a Fall Singles 4.0 tennis team, as teh captain, I made them play tonight so I could race my bike. After my race, I stopped by to test a used 300mm lens I bought.


10,000 ISO


Not bad for a 25 year old lens and hand holding it!






Those are my 3 team mates. I think they won the match… if so we start the season 2-0!

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