Month: September 2019

Sept. 17, 2019


Back to reality: 6am bike ride in the dark, work and tennis.


Sept. 16, 2019


Tennis night. Todd and I played #3 doubles and won easily 6-3 6-4. But it was an odd match, lots of weird points, one was 7 or 8 volleys in a row, I hit two overhead winners (normally those don’t work for me) and a couple lob winners.

Sept. 15, 2019


‘crossiscoming is now ‘cross is here!

First race of the year, an open Cat 2-3 on a very bumpy course, including this multi line minefield.

I started on the front row, and stayed with the lead group for a while, it’s a training series and no matter how hard I want to train, I can’t duplicate the effort racing takes. There were over 20 racers and I finished top 10 – I think. When I finished, one of the experts yelled nice job keeping the young guys honest…. umm fuck you! ; )

Sept. 14, 2019


Supporters of keeping the Confederate monument in front of the historic Chatham County Courthouse and Stand Up Chatham County both held rallies Saturday.










Some tried to discuss the issue, but there is no way either side will ever see the other side.






A Robert E Lee re-creator says a prayer.


This was a strange moment, a Jewish woman who supports Confederate Monuments, arguing with a Neo-Nazi about the Confederate flag




Sept. 8, 2019


After a freelance assignment I had the chance to ride a new trail. 20 minutes in, I approached an off-camber drop, clipped a crank arm at full speed, and Superman-ed off the front, down the 3 foot drop and landed on my bike, scrapes on knees, elbows and bruised thigh and hip, but a deep punctured let me know I was done for the day. I cleaned it at my truck, Deb irrigated, Lidocained, and steri-striped it, but hours later, it is still bleeding.