Month: November 2019

Nov. 12, 2019


Another class is checkout for the green screen and ultra keying.

Nov. 11, 2019


Never pass up a Taco Tuesday picture opportunity


Me scrambling over a chimney (?) from a time lapse of rock climbing today at Rocky Mountain Recreation Area with Danny, Anna and Parker.


Nov. 10, 2019


Today’s NCCX race visited the sand in Pinehurst. This is not the correct line!


My day started good and I was in the lead group as we hit the sand the first time, the group split and 4, 5 & 6 started our battle on lap two, I took a bad line and fell to 6th before…


my rear wheel came out of the drop outs on one of the sand pits and took me a minute to figure out what happened and reset the wheel.


I fell to 8th and chased hard to make contact with the 2nd group, I finally closed within a couple bike lengths but had popped and quickly got dropped.


no body behind me was gaining and I couldn’t make contact, so I finished 8th. I always like racing here, it is so different and even with a tough day, it’s still better than work! (Thanks Clay for the pictures)

Nov. 9, 2019


NCCX in Sanford, a flat-ish dry fast course – as I arrive why is everyone covered in mud I wonder…

My race: I got a call up so I started on the front row and after the sprint was in 6-ish place, but a rider washed out a touch and I had to brake and fell to 10th.

I had to push hard and caught up to the 3,4,5 group but never was able to pass any of them, so finished 6th, but I am very happy with my race is 40+ Cat 3. I felt stronger and rode away from people today. Why? I lost 5 pounds this week going back to Keto. Weight to Power ratio is real! I would like to lose more this week!


Nov. 5, 2019


Photojournalism I lab today, how to change your tire and jump start a vehicle. This included safety, how to break loose over tightened lug nuts and checking the spare tire pressure. Also if you are in a photojournalism class, you can assume you will be photographed doing this things!


New climbing gym for me, top roping and harder lines.

Nov. 3, 2019


A busy day! Grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, oil change on the Tacoma, bottom bracket change on the cross bike (after finding it frozen after last week’s race), tennis with Sean, bike race and indoor climbing gym.


This week’s race was Winston-Salem. Because it was also the state championship, we had a bigger field


I made the decision to start more aggressively, and had a top 6 spot through the first turn


But I faded quickly to 9th, where I stayed till I had to dismount on a root (first picture)


I finished 10th!


After the race I was only 1.5 miles from the climbing gym.